Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No way, a blizzard in Wisconsin?

Believe it, people. We've gotten about 10 inches in the last 24 hours. Good times. Unless you go to UW-Madison.

Yes, virtually every school district in the state got off. My sister got off. My parents got off. Every institution in Madison is shut down. Does that include UW-Madison? No, we were only about 30 inches too short of the requirement for closing at this school (Disclaimer: Not supported by facts). No, our lovable Chancellor Wiley did not believe that the weather was threatening enough to the students safety to cancel classes. Fortunately for him, he does not have to walk anywhere, he has a cozy office in Bascom Hall.

The students, on the other hand, had to encounter menacing ice falling from the sky. No, it wasn't big snow flakes, it was ice. To the school's credit, they did eventually give in and cancel classes... at 3:30 pm... 15 minutes after my last class ended. Although, Wiley didn't do it, a provost did. Where was Wiley? Hmmm.

I'll leave you with some pics for evidence.

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Riaan said...

Waukesha High schools and the UW-Colleges didn't get off when everyone else in the state had off until the GOVERNOR had to go and declare that all state buildings would be shut down for the day.